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I really appreciated working with the Ventriloc team for their expertise and their generosity in our exchanges. Their goal is not only to provide visibility into the data that brings value to the business, but also customer empowerment. I learned a lot about PowerBi with them. In addition, they have always shown flexibility for the delivery of our mandates and this is very much appreciated.

Ingrid Faulkner

Communications-Marketing Coordinator

The Ventriloc team supported us in our project to set up a visualization tool allowing the sharing and centralization of databases. From the outset, we noticed the great expertise of Ventriloc, their ability to popularize concepts that are not always easy to understand for the uninitiated, their ability to adapt to requests and above all their great patience. Thank you for the support adapted to our needs!

Alain Tremblay

General Manager, Internship Service

The expertise of the Ventriloc team allowed us to achieve a major challenge, namely that of organizing our systems in order to obtain statistics efficiently. The Power BI tool, with its many possibilities, is now part of our decision-making and our daily management. It is a constantly evolving tool! Accelerating our decision-making process was a major challenge for our organization and it is now possible.

Sophie Forget

General Manager