Power BI Reports & Dashboards

Development of customized analytical interfaces

The reports we create are tailored to the needs of your users and your organization. We are able to advise you on the best practices for visualizing your industry while ensuring flexibility in your organizational context.

Implementation of Power BI Design System

Ventriloc develops Power BI Design systems to ensure a standard in the relationships created within your organization. A Power BI Design System, therefore, ensures governance over the analytic content developed in-house, thus enhancing the user experience.

The Power BI Design system has 4 main advantages:

  • Standardization: standardizes the report development approach.
  • Adoption rate: Increases the report take-up rate across the organization by implementing best practices at the UI/UX level.
  • Approved Artifacts: Allows you to centralize the various artifacts approved by the organization, thus promoting the reuse of these artifacts within the reports.
  • Accelerators: Having access to approved and reusable artifacts significantly speeds up the time required to develop reports.

Metrics and KPIs developed on a solid data model that evolves over time

The interfaces we develop are based on a robust data model that ensures the evolution of the solution. A data model that is modeled on your business processes and industry best practices. Our experts develop KPIs and metrics based on this data model adapted to your analysis context. You will therefore have a solid semantic layer that can be used in several analysis contexts.

Data storytelling is in our DNA

The reports and dashboards we develop speak for themselves. Ventriloc integrates several methods into its development process to ensure data storytelling is implemented in interfaces. Integrating data storytelling increases interface adoption and facilitates data interpretation by directing users to critical elements, which optimizes their decision-making.

Developers who document for real, of course.

All of the solutions that we put in place are documented and enhanced by various metadata to allow users to quickly understand the business rules put in place and the analysis context. Well-documented reports make it easier to transfer knowledge, reach a wider audience, and improve data literacy within your organization.

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Why are the analytical interfaces we develop adopted by users?


The UI/UX is optimized in each interface developed.

Each interface developed is reviewed meticulously by our team of experts to ensure an impeccable user experience (UX) powered by user interface (UI) optimization. We are always looking for good practices in visual ergonomics and interface use, thus constantly raising our standards.


We set up interfaces that tell the truth.

By implementing extensive data storytelling in the interfaces that our experts develop, we ensure that each visual submitted was built to tell part of the story. Our experts hate the status quo and make sure we have indicators in place that speak and lead to decisions.

The visualization tools we use are pushed beyond their capacity.

Our experts are pushing the boundaries of Microsoft Power BI to ensure user needs are met. Whether it is by developing custom visuals or because we think outside the box, we are always able to adapt to user needs thanks to our advanced knowledge of the tools we use.

The best compliment we have ever received on a report developed by one of our experts: “That’s not Power BI, it’s not possible to do that!”. True story!

End-user involvement

The user is at the heart of each step in our entire analytical interface development process. Our experts collaborate with users and develop solutions that meet their needs. In addition to being seasoned developers, our experts have business expertise that allows them to support users in analytical thinking.

Recommendations on best practices for using the platform

Support in the choice of Power BI licenses

Implementing report sharing strategies

Establishing governance processes: certification of reports and datasets

Power BI reporting support and optimization

Establishing organizational development processes

DAX and Power Query (M) experts (language behind Power BI)

Power BI Desktop and Power BI service training

Creating custom visuals

Administration of the Power BI portal

I really appreciated working with the Ventriloc team for their expertise and their generosity in our exchanges. Their goal is not only to provide visibility into the data that brings value to the business, but also customer empowerment. I learned a lot about PowerBi with them. In addition, they have always shown flexibility for the delivery of our mandates and this is very much appreciated.

Ingrid Faulkner

Communications-Marketing Coordinator

The expertise of the Ventriloc team allowed us to achieve a major challenge, namely that of organizing our systems in order to obtain statistics efficiently. The Power BI tool, with its many possibilities, is now part of our decision-making and our daily management. It is a constantly evolving tool! Accelerating our decision-making process was a major challenge for our organization and it is now possible.

Sophie Forget

General Manager

The Ventriloc team supported us in our project to set up a visualization tool allowing the sharing and centralization of databases. From the outset, we noticed the great expertise of Ventriloc, their ability to popularize concepts that are not always easy to understand for the uninitiated, their ability to adapt to requests and above all their great patience. Thank you for the support adapted to our needs!

Alain Tremblay

General Manager, Internship Service